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Red Fort

Delhi is referred to as a historic place owing to its rich past. Delhi is already honored of being the capital city and moreover the numerous historic monuments dotting the city are the substantiate proof of its glorious past.

There are numerous historical places in Delhi and these places are of great significance as it reveals the glorious past and highlights the culture and tradition of this legacy.

Delhi historical places are adored by the tourists as these are unique pieces that bring out the brilliance of craftsmanship.

The historical places in Delhi include Qutub Minar. This is one of the major landmarks.

This is a high building with 379 steps and has acquired the recognition of being the highest stone tower in India. The Minar is constructed using red and buff sandstone. The courtyard is enveloped by cloisters, carved columns and architecture.

A pillar in this historical place is a notable example of advancement of metallurgy as it is made from wrought iron and shows no symptoms of decomposing or rusting even after standing for nearly 1600 years.This is a remarkable monument and is one of the common visiting places of tourists.
The Delhi historical places are of significance as they are the strong evidences of the presence of various rulers and their influence.

The Delhi historical place includes the Humayun’s Tomb and is an illustration of Mughal splendor. A Persian architect, Mirak Mirza designed this mausoleum that reflects the influence of Persia. This is the foremost garden tomb in India.

This tomb stands amidst 36 equal gardens segmented by grid of paths and water channels. The tomb is 42.5 m height and is a colossal double dome.The historical places in Delhi cannot ignore the most famous

 Red Fort as this is the last Mughal fort. This is built of red sandstone and the entire fort is shell plastered polish so that it looks identical to ivory.Some of the important buildings are Nawab Khana, Pearl Mosque, Rang Mahal, Chatta Chowk, and many more. Another very important historical place in Delhi is the Rashtrapati Bhawan. This is a symbol of the British epoch. The Mughal gardens in the Rashtrapati Bhawan is notable and worth visiting.

The waterfalls, paved pathways, ornamental fountains, fruit bearing trees, shrubs and flowers make the terraced garden of Lady Harding a heavenly place. The Delhi historical place includes the India gate sited in Rajpath. This gate is constructed on sandstone and the soldier’s names are inscribed on the walls to honor the soldiers.

Delhi Historical Places

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